This is how you repair your reputation after a bad performance review

This is how you repair your reputation after a bad performance review

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that when you’re changing a behavior, it can take a while for people to notice.

Due to a phenomenon called confirmatory bias, we’re much more likely to notice things that confirm our beliefs than those we don’t believe in. In other words, if you’re seen as the office hothead, then even if you’ve been keeping your cool all month, people will still notice the one time you lash out in a meeting.

If you’re trying to change your boss’ opinion about you, you’ll need to be diligent about demonstrating new behaviors, and realize it may take others some time to believe that they’re actually going to stick.

The bottom line? Setbacks such as a poor performance review are a part of life, and many accomplished people have been on the receiving end of criticism.

Make the decision to use the failure as a catalyst for professional development, and commit to getting better. In a year’s time, you’ll walk out of your next performance review feeling awesome.

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